Scorpion detective agency was created in 1993.
Ever since it has been striving to be one of the country's leading detective agencies





>> Surveillance and intel gathering related to unfaithfulness, midlife crisis, issues with offspring and family quarrels.
>> Gathering information regarding the nationality, marital status, properties, behaviour and deeds of certain individuals.
>> Gathering facts, which may prove to be a reason for strife between physical or legal entities.
>> Researching civil cases and criminal actions.
>> Investigating people or circumstances related to corporate espionage or safeguarding a company secret.
>> Studying the market, gathering intel regarding business negotiations, unreliable and untrustworthy partners.
>> Researching cases of unfair competition and infringement of intelectual property.
>> Tracking down fugitives, missing or homeless people.



Along its investigative activities, "Scorpion" is also specialized in profesionnal guard services.

Some of its major clients were:



>> Sofia Zoo
>> TD Country Reserve
>> Furniture factory AMO
>> Factory for veterinary medicine Primavet Ltd.





Customer comments:

"Peace of mind is a luxury, which I can finally afford."

Ivan Kovachev
president of Kineks Ltd.

Our employees, ranging 24 to 55 years of age, are highly experienced in their profession and the management consists of educated people, many of which ex-Department of Defense and Ministry of Internal Affairs employees.


We also have twenty-four-hour mobile response units, ready to protect the property we were hired to guard.

In its activities related to guarding of sites and property of physical and legal entities, detective agency "Scorpion" is in accordance with the legal acts in place, regulating guard services in Bulgaria.